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We're proud to be working with the University of Southampton as the official supplier to NHS clinical trials in Chinese herbal medicine. Our concentrated herbal granules were specially selected for use in the trials as they were found to be more effective and of higher quality than other brands on the market. It is great pleasure that we offer practitioners the same level of service as we offer to the NHS.

Phoenix NHS Clinical Trials

We offer a comprehensive dispensary service which is convenient and efficient for herbalists to use. Features of our dispensary include:

Phoenix Prescription

Our dispensary staff are trained under ATCM and RCHM guidelines and our rooms are equipped with cleaning facilities and fully ventilated.

In the last two years, we found that we out-grew our old dispensary as demand grew so we have recently invested in building two new dispensary rooms, one for granule prescriptions and one for dry herb prescriptions. Both rooms are fully ventilated and installed with cleaning facilities.

Phoenix Dispensary Room 1

Phoenix Dispensary Room 2

Phoenix Granule Prescriptions

Phoenix Dry Herb Prescription Preparation

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