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We offer a comprehensive dispensary service which is convenient and efficient for herbalists to use. Features of our dispensary include:

Our dispensary staff are trained under ATCM and RCHM guidelines and our rooms are equipped with cleaning facilities and fully ventilated.

Our herbs are 100% non-sulphur treated and sourced from GAP certified fields and GMP factories. Each batch of herbs is traceable to source and comes with a Certificate of Analysis, which show levels of active ingredient, pesticide residue, heavy metals and microbiology.

As the official supplier to NHS hospitals, clinics and research trials, we are confident that our herbal products are safe to use, effective for treatment and consistent with results.

Authenticated DaoDi Dry Herbs

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Our premium dry herbs are carefully selected and packed by the Shanghai Medical Group, whom have a strict heavy metal, sulphur and pesticide residue levels policy in accordance with the highest pharmacopoeia requirements. Our herbs embody the DaoDi concept of harvesting in the right regions at the right times. As we do not use sulphur to treat our herbs or to prolong shelf life, the herbs are dehydrated to remove moisture and to preserve fragile active principles like volatile essential oils..

We work with suppliers that grow herbs on GAP certified fields and factories that comply with GMP requirements. As we have a great working relationship with our suppliers, we are able to directly influence the quality and standard of our herbs. We believe in maintaining safety and consistency and we place efficacy as top priority, therefore we do not supply sulphur treated herbs. All of our herbs are of the correct species and are guaranteed to contain the correct level of active ingredient.

Concentrated Herbal Extracts

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Our concentrated granules are produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, part of the China Medical Group, one of the largest medical groups in Asia. Aside from achieving widespread recognition among consumers and medical sectors, Tianjiang was appointed the first “National Experimental Enterprise of the Chinese Medicinal Sector”. Throughout decades of contribution to the public health, millions of people have benefitted from Tianjiang's herbal medicines.

Tianjiang concentrated herbal granules are produced using state of the art 'spray drying' technology, which allows for higher concentrations and a purer end product without additional fillers. The granules are perfectly soluble in warm or hot water and are convenient for the modern day patient. A variety of packaging and formats are available, for more information please contact us.

Please note: Phoenix Medical Ltd. is no longer supplying the following items except for external use on unbroken skin.

HSK020 Kuan Dong Hua Tussilago Farfar L. Part Used: Flower

HSP007 Pei Lan Eupatorium Fortunei Turez. Part Used: Aerial Parts.

As a result of new analytical techniques we and other members of the British Herbal Medicine Association have recently learnt that this plant is likely to deliver toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) at levels far higher than the maximum recommended by health regulators. PAs have short term toxic effects in very high doses, but our main concern is the risk many years later of damage to the liver and other organs, and so we have taken the responsible decision in the interests of public safety to not supply this plant for internal use.

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